treo ringtones

I’m a palm girl. And these days, that means TREO. I’ve owned three Treo 650s, then a Centro (hated it) and now I’m back to a Treo – a 680.


One of the first things I do when I set up a new Treo is get my ringtones loaded. I’m lazy. When my phone rings, I don’t want to look at it to see who’s calling. The people who call me the most get their own ring tone. But on a Treo, this was not so easy. Or cheap.

Now, it’s routine:

1. Copy the song to an SD expansion card. :You’ll need a USB SD card reader for your PC. First, download the file to your desktop computer, and transfer the file to the SD card, making a mental note of its location on the card. Insert the SD card in your Treo smartphone, and launch the Web browser (don’t worry, you don’t need an active Internet connection to do this, and no kilobytes are taken out of your mobile data plan).

In the web address bar, enter the location of the MIDI file in this format:


file:/// – enter this text exactly — including three forward slashes
(folder) – the folder where you stored the MIDI file
– use a forward slash to indicate folder contents

(yourmidifile.mid) – the filename of the MIDI file

An example address would be file:///MyMIDIfiles/BestRingtoneEver.mid. Once the address is entered, hit Go, and the file will be transferred to the MIDI Ring Tones database.

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