how to view your facebook profile from the perspective of someone who is not connected to you as a friend

break free from social media control

I’m learning how to break free at

“machine learning is an extremely powerful weapon…millions of clusters of supercomputers running machine learning algorithms targeting each individual person figuring out the best way to keep these individuals absolutely addicted and obsessed with giving up all of their attention and time to these social media networks.” I’m learning how to break free at
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prevent your time and attention from being manipulated and sold.

“75% of screen content is viewed for less than 1 minute, according to a study that tracked computer multitasking across the course of 1 day. Results indicate that most people switched between different content every 19 seconds. Biological analysis demonstrated that participants experienced a neurological “high” whenever they switched — explaining why we feel driven to keep switching and underscoring how human biology makes us vulnerable to being manipulating by attention-extractive economies.”

“Machine learning algorithms have access to hundreds or thousands of data points about you. They know everything about you, all of your interests and exactly what buttons to press on you in order to get you to watch another video to read another article or post.”
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I’m learning how to break free at

How to Comment on LinkedIn as Yourself Instead of Your Company Page

If you manage a company page on LinkedIn, you may notice when commenting on a post, LinkedIn sometimes defaults to display your company name rather than you as an individual.

On the flip side, there may be times when the default is set to identify you as an individual, but you would prefer to comment on a post as your business page.

Here’s a quick infographic to show you exactly how to post as either yourself or your company.

And here’s some text you might want to copy rather than type out as you follow the instructions:


How to Untag Yourself in a Facebook Comment.

If for some reason, the infographic doesn’t display, here’s the text-based instructions to untag yourself from a Facebook comment in a web browser:

Step 1. Hover to the right of the comment in which you are tagged to display an ellipsis and then click it, which will display a pop-up menu.

Step 2. Click “Give feedback or report this comment” from the pop-up menu. (older versions may read: “Find Support or Report Comment”)

Step 3. Click “Spam” from the options in the next pop-up menu that is displayed.

Step 4. Click “Next”

Step 5. Click “Remove tag” in the next pop-up menu that is displayed.
(older versions may read: “Untag Yourself From This Comment”)

Step 6. Click “Done”

Step 7. The comment will be hidden, but only from you. If you would like to unhide it, click the ellipsis that appears where the comment used to be.

Step 8. Click “Unhide” when the greyed out comment appears.

How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn in 3 Easy Steps

1. Visit a LinkedIn Profile.
2. Scroll Down to Skills & Endorsements.
3. Click or tap the plus sign next to any skill listed to endorse someone for that particular skill.

How to Customize Your LinkedIn URL in 6 Easy Steps

When you create an account on LinkedIn, the default website address of your public profile is: – followed by a string of random numbers.

Not attractive. Or easy to remember.

Here’s how you can delete those numbers:

1. Log into LinkedIn.
2. Click the Drop Down Arrow to the Right or the Word “Me”
3. Click “View profile” on the Drop Down Menu.
4. Click “Edit public profile & URL.
5. Click the Blue Pencil next to your URL.
6. Customize your URL and Click Save.

creating a facebook PAGE

After a few months on facebook, I realized a facebook PAGE would be a better fit for me than a PROFILE. What’s the difference? In a nutshell, profiles are for people and fun, pages are for businesses and work. Check out the following excerpt from the facebook terms of use:

“Pages are special profiles that may only be used to promote a business or other commercial, political, or charitable organization or endeavor (including non-profit organizations, political campaigns, bands, and celebrities).”

You put anything about your business on your facebook profile wall and you run the risk of having your facebook account suspended. It’s a violation of facebook terms of use. (more terms of use excerpts)

“You will not use your personal profile for your own commercial gain . . .”


“If you violate the letter or spirit of this Statement . . . we can stop providing all or part of Facebook to you. We will notify you by email or at the next time you attempt to access your account.”

I’ve read about such “notification.” The person logged in to facebook to discover his account was removed. All friend contact info gone. Everything gone. Bummer.

I also liked the fact that I could keep my page activity separate from my profile activity: (yet another terms of use excerpt)

“Please keep in mind that the fans of any of the Pages you administer will not have visibility or access to your personal account or profile.”

So I set out to create a facebook page. Logged into my facebook account, I couldn’t find anything to click on to create a page. Nuthin. However, logged OUT of facebook, the link is smack on the login page and somehow completely escaped my attention: (click to zoom in)

If you want a link to get to the “create a page” page (pictured below) regardless of whether you’re logged in or not, type in: target=”blank”

You’ll be faced with three options for the type of page you want to create. Don’t stress about this. The bottom line is that, depending on what you choose here, facebook will prompt you for different info, which you can fill in or not. Note that you currently CANNOT change the type later. To change your page type, you will have to delete it and create another one. Just don’t put a lot of time or effort in until you know what type of page you want to stick with. Until you make a final decision, you may want to put a check in the box marked “Do not make Page publicly visible at this time. (You will be able to edit and publish later.)”

The type of page you choose here will also automatically include certain common facebook apps for that type. However, your use of different facebook apps isn’t limited by the type of page you create. You can add any app you want later. The type of page just automatically adds some based on the most common apps used for a particular type of page.

After you’ve created your page, you will be faced with an option to link your page with twitter. (again, click to zoom in)

If you choose to link your facebook page to your twitter account, your facebook page updates will automatically tweet the first 140 characters of the update – including a shortlink back to the update so your followers can read the entire thing – and possibly become a fan of your page.

Last but not least, become a fan of your own page. It makes getting to your page from your facebook profile quick and easy. At your facebook profile page, click the “Info” tab and scroll down to the bottom. There’s your page! Click on it to continue customizing and adding content any time you want. You can also go to your page directly by typing in the URL, but until you get 25 fans of your page, you get a weird URL with a bunch of numbers at the end:”

Once you get your 25 fans, you can request what’s sometimes referred to as a “vanity URL” and you can ditch the giant number at the end of your URL. (CLICK HERE for a post on how to request a vanity URL)

So what are you waiting for? Go make your facebook page! (And watch for more posts from Pragmatic Computing as I blog my way through my facebook page learning curve.)

who “Likes” ya baby?

Facebook recently switched from allowing you to “Become a Fan” of a page to suggesting you “Like” a page.

One problem I noticed immediately? I could no longer see a complete listing of who “Likes” my page? (you could see a full listing of all the fans before)

Here’s a workaround:

1. Search the page on FB, using the full name of the page,
2. Instead of clicking the link to go to the page, click on “See More Results for…”.
3. From the results page, you should see the page link, along with “XXX People Like This.”
4. Click that (the XXX People Like This), and you’ll see the entire list of fans.

Who knows, maybe they’ll fix it. Eventually.

get a facebook vanity URL

I just created a facebook fan page. Looking good so far . . . except my page’s URL shows a bunch of random numbers after my page name. NOT memorable:

A little research and I found out that after I get 25 “fans” I can request this:

MUCH better!

So – If you have more than 25 fans and would like to ditch the giant unmemorable number at the end of your URL, go HERE:

You will be presented with TWO options:


If you have a facebook PROFILE: The default is to request a vanity URL for a PROFILE, so go ahead and type in your requested name.

If you have a facebook PAGE: Select “Set a username for your Pages.” towards the bottom of the page. (click the image below to enlarge and see the link circled in red.)

Then you will see THIS option:

Click the drop down arrow, and your page should be displayed. Select it and then click “Check Availability” to confirm. If your page name is unique, you should get it! Good luck!

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