WordPerfect: How to Change Outline Format when “Edit Style” is Grayed Out

Below is an example of a basic 4 level, double spaced, flush left outline:

But suppose you wanted to change your outline format from flush left paragraphs to indented paragraphs? If you are comfortable with WordPerfect Bullets and Numbering, you might click “Outline” in reveal codes or “Modify” in the Property Bar to open the “Create Format” dialog box to display settings for the active outline:

So far, so good. But when you look more closely, you’ll see that the “Edit Style” button is grayed out. Unavailable.

that’s inconvenient.

But there’s another way. Actually, TWO other ways. Check it out:

Option 1: Click “Format” on the Menu Bar and then “Styles” to select the level you want to edit. or

Option 2: In Reveal Codes, click the “Style” code next to the level you want to edit.

Success! We have access to the Styles Editor!

Now you can delete the Left Tabs (as they appear above) and replace them with Hard Left Indents (as shown below).

Do the same for each level you want to change and click OK.

Perfect. WORDPerfect.

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