Troubleshooting WordPerfect Publish to PDF.

Is WordPerfect PDF only publishing the current page of the document unless you select/highlight the entire document text?

The Fix:
1. In WordPerfect, click File, Publish to PDF.
2. Select “Settings . . . ” in the bottom right corner of the dialog box.
3. Change the “Export range” to “Full Document” and click “OK” to save the new setting.
4. Cancel the “Publish to PDF” menu and, as an extra precaution, exit WordPerfect to make sure the change holds.

You can check the settings when you open WordPerfect again. When I tested it, the change held.

How this Setting was Changed:
When text is highlighted/selected and Publish to PDF is used, the export range automatically changes to “Selection” and later, when Publish to PDF is used again, the default Export range shows “Current Page” and will need to be reset to “Full Document” as noted in the instructions above.

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