“Print” Button Grayed out in WordPerfect Print Dialog Box?

The first and most obvious reason the “Print” button would be grayed out is if you are trying to print a blank document. It happens. We get busy, we speed up, a Ctrl+F6 or a Ctrl+N sneaks in just before a Ctrl+P and the next thing we know, we have a gray Print button.

So…Question #1: Is there anything in your document? Text? a Text Box? an Image? Bueller?

I realize that’s the equivalent of asking you if your computer is plugged in and I apologize if you’re giving your monitor the stink eye right now, but we needed to eliminate that possibility right up front.

Moving along.

If your document isn’t empty, then follow these steps:

Click the Print Button to Open the Print Dialog Box (Ctrl+P)
WordPerfect Print Menu Grayed Out

Click the “Advanced” tab:

WordPerfect Print Menu Grayed Out2

At the bottom left corner, UNcheck, “Document on Disk”

WordPerfect Print Menu Grayed Out3

The “Print” button should become active and stay active.

WordPerfect Print Menu Grayed Out4

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