cure your possessed keyboard: dvorak to QWERTY

I thought I was crazy. My keyboard was typing stuff I did NOT type. Backslashes when I pressed the spacebar. Numbers when I pressed letters and the other way around. Adding characters when I pressed the backspace button. Weirdness. Nothing short of a reboot would solve the problem and even then, it was only temporary. I searched Google and stumbled upon the possibility that my keyboard was no longer set to “QWERTY.”

To find out if your keyboard settings may have changed:

1. Click the Start Button.

2. Click Control Panel.

3. Click on Region and Language Settings.

4. Click on Change keyboards.


5. Here you will see text services and input services box. Click on Add.

7. Here you will see input language window.

8. Under input languages you need to uncheck the language which is not needed (In my case, “United States dvorak” was checked).

Snip dvorak keyboard

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