krispy kreme technology. it’s hot and ready.

krispykremeI don’t have a sweet tooth. It’s a blessing, I know.

(on the other hand, if you see me holding a box of Cheddar Jack Cheez-its, do NOT reach for any. I will hurt you.)

Even so, I feel compelled to share this information for my donut loving friends:

Krispy Kreme technology is now available.

Perusing the Google Play Store today and ran across a Krispy Kreme mobile app:

– See if there is a Hot Light on near you.
– Be alerted when a Hot Light is activated in your area.
– Find Krispy Kreme locations near your location.

This is serious business for some people.

And this technology is not limited to Android users.

Krispy Kreme HOT Light App

If these videos resonate with you, this app is for you.

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