send someone a text via email.

Did you know you can send text messages from any email program to a cell phone? For example, to email a text message to someone who uses AT&T, you would address the email like this:

However, when sending text messages via email, follow a few best practices:

1. Keep the message to just text (no images or attachments).
2. Keep the text plain (no text formatting).
3. Keep these messages short. If you send a large message, it will be broken up into multiple smaller 140 or 160 character messages. #annoying

Before you can address the message, you need to find out what cell carrier your recipient has (and of course, their cell phone number). Then you can Google their cell carrier’s “SMS gateway.” As in the example above, AT&T uses as their SMS gateway domain name. Here’s one search result site listing multiple carriers SMS gateways:

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