“Where’s the Ribbon in Word 2013?”

Some people love the clean look of Word 2013, but if you’re like me, it feels cold. and bleh.

and empty.

The ribbon only displayed when I clicked on a menu item. As soon as I began typing, it would disappear. This was not helpful. I didn’t want to go get the ribbon every time I needed something on it. That ribbon needed to sit and stay.

Word 2013 Ribbon Hidden

Here’s how to get your ribbon back: Move your mouse to the top right corner of the MS Word document editing screen and click on the little teeny, tiny, black and white box with the arrow pointing up. (If you hover over it, you’ll see the words “Ribbon Display Options.)

Word 2013 Ribbon Display Options

Click “Show Tabs and Commands” as shown in the screen shot below:
Word 2013 Always Show Ribbon

That’s better.

Word 2013 Ribbon Displayed

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