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break free from social media control

I’m learning how to break free at “machine learning is an extremely powerful weapon…millions of clusters of supercomputers running machine learning algorithms targeting each individual person figuring out the best way to keep these individuals absolutely addicted and obsessed with giving up all of their attention and time to these social media networks.” I’m … Continue reading “break free from social media control”

prevent your time and attention from being manipulated and sold.

“75% of screen content is viewed for less than 1 minute, according to a study that tracked computer multitasking across the course of 1 day. Results indicate that most people switched between different content every 19 seconds. Biological analysis demonstrated that participants experienced a neurological “high” whenever they switched — explaining why we feel driven … Continue reading “prevent your time and attention from being manipulated and sold.”

WordPerfect: How to Change Outline Format when “Edit Style” is Grayed Out

Below is an example of a basic 4 level, double spaced, flush left outline: But suppose you wanted to change your outline format from flush left paragraphs to indented paragraphs? If you are comfortable with WordPerfect Bullets and Numbering, you might click “Outline” in reveal codes or “Modify” in the Property Bar to open the … Continue reading “WordPerfect: How to Change Outline Format when “Edit Style” is Grayed Out”

How to Set Outlook as your Default Mail Application in Windows 10

I admit, I like Windows 10, but there are a few settings that tend to annoy me because they exploit the everyday user’s unfamiliarity with Windows 10 in order to push built-in Windows 10 apps on the unsuspecting. One of those settings designates the Windows 10 Mail application as the default mail application – even … Continue reading “How to Set Outlook as your Default Mail Application in Windows 10”

prevent editing in a Section of a MS Word template/document

Occasionally, I’ve needed to protect a portion of a Word template from accidental editing. There are many reasons to do this, but one example – the one I’ll be using in this particular #pragmaticcomputertip – is to protect the content and formatting of what I call “faux” letterhead. (Note: This tip applies to MS Word … Continue reading “prevent editing in a Section of a MS Word template/document”

krispy kreme technology. it’s hot and ready.

I don’t have a sweet tooth. It’s a blessing, I know. (on the other hand, if you see me holding a box of Cheddar Jack Cheez-its, do NOT reach for any. I will hurt you.) Even so, I feel compelled to share this information for my donut loving friends: Krispy Kreme technology is now available.

css margins.

Need a code snippet for your style sheet? Below are four options for setting the top, bottom, left and right margins: margin:10px 40px 25px 90px; top margin is 10px right margin is 40px bottom margin is 25px left margin is 90px

automatic text generation. a variation for the easily distracted.

In the previous #pragmaticcomputingtip, entitled “automatic random text generation. improved?” I shared a nifty little feature in Word 2007 and 2010 which automated the generation of random text. Check it out and then come on back and I’ll walk you through you a variation. no. really. check it out. I’ll wait. okay, welcome back. While … Continue reading “automatic text generation. a variation for the easily distracted.”

treo text message transfer

Did you get a replacement Treo and discover all your text messages were missing? Give this a shot: Install the “Messages_Database.PDB” I found mine in “c:\documents and settings\UserName\My Documents\Palm OS Desktop\LastNameFirstInitial\Backupold” If the “Messages_Database.PDB” isn’t found in the above folder, search for the file on your computer. Good luck fellow Treonaut.

#outlook shortcuts: replying to messages

Quick and easy shortcut for you today. Regardless of whether you have an email open or if it’s just highlighted within your Inbox or email folder, you can press: Ctrl+R to “Reply” to the sender, Ctrl+Shift+R to “Reply to All” or Ctrl+F to “Forward” the email.


Rolling dice, flipping coins, drawing cards or straws, drawing slips of paper out of a hat. All methods to generate random results. Here’s one more: @randbetween(x,y) To Create a Random Number: In a blank cell of any spreadsheet program, type @randbetween(x,y) where x equals the smallest number you want to use and y equals the … Continue reading “@randbetween(1,100)”

i can see clearly now

When you read text on your computer monitor, do the fonts seem . . . grainy? Do the edges of the letters appear ragged? Especially italicized text? Try this:Click the “Start” button (on the task bar at the bottom left of your screen).Hover over “Settings” and click “Control Panel”Double Click “Display”Click the “Appearance” Tab (the … Continue reading “i can see clearly now”


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